New Birth Baptist Church History

 On November 11, 1964, Rev. George W. Pryor, along with thirteen (13) others, were led by the Holy Spirit, to Unite as “One Body in Christ” and accept the name NEW BIRTH BAPTIST CHURCH. The charter members were:
                                    Pastor George W. Pryor      Brother Oran Pryor
                                    Sister Alma Jewel Pryor      Brother Henry L. Wooten, Sr.
                                    Brother Solomon T. Boyd    Brother Billy Bruce Pryor
                                    Brother James O. Harrison  Sister Johnnie Ruth Pryor
                                    Sister Alice Harrison           Brother Rufus Pryor
                                    Brother Tommy C. Pryor     Sister Willie Mavis Pryor
                                    Sister Earnestine Pryor       Sister Glenda Sue Pryor

The organizing was at the Third Avenue Baptist Church, 802 Third Avenue, by Rev. L. G. Jackson, Pastor and Moderator. New Birth was named by Pastor George W. Pryor. Our first worship was held at the home of Pastor and Sister George and Alma Pryor on November 15, 1964 at 1347 Whitaker Avenue in Dallas, Texas. Sis. Alma Pryor taught the children in the bedroom as Pastor preached to the adults in the living room. We remained there until we purchased the building and property at 3601 S. Fitzhugh Avenue in March 1965. We continued there until January 1969. On November 11, 1968, the contract was signed for the purchase of the property at 2946 Idaho Avenue. We held our first service on Idaho the third Sunday in January 1969.

It was in 1969 that our Pastor began receiving financial support from New Birth. In September of 1969, the church began giving full support to him.

In September of 1969-1976, New Birth opened its first day care center under the direction of Sis. Alma Pryor. The workers were Sis. Marie Dozier Brown, Sis. Dorothy Cole, and Sis. Maxine Anthony. Sis. Arlilia Harrison was the cook and Pastor George W. Pryor was the driver to pick up and deliver.

As the years passed, our membership grew, expansions were done to the building. The wing and parking lot were added in April of 1973. The number of improvements and purchases are too numerous to name. A few examples are organs, pianos, P. A. System, carpet, duplicating machine, typewriters, buses and vans, and added a kitchen and many other things such as church furniture.

On June 13, 1982, thirteen (13) acres of land was purchased on Loop 12 for a new church site. The ground breaking was held July 1983. The construction was completed June 1984. We held our first service at 444 W. Ledbetter Drive on June 17, 1984. Our number has grown from thirteen (13), to more that 5,800 with actual supporters of approximately 2,000 - 3,000. Over ninety (90) preachers have been called to preach and approximately 27 preachers from New Birth’s membership are now pastors.

In 1982, the Children’s Church was revived under the leadership of Rev. Larry O. Johnson, and Sis. Frankie Ike. The 8:00 A. M. Worship Service was also instituted in 1982 in order to provide room for the growing congregation and for the convenience for those who were unable to attend 11:00 A. M. Service due to work schedules or for other reasons. In 1984, the Doves of Peace was established under the direction of Sis. Debra Pryor. They take care of the infants and babies in the Church Nursery during worship service. They are also active in community projects such as assisting the Texas Food Bank prepare food baskets for the needy, visiting with the children in Hope Cottage, Scottish Rite and many other activities.
The Jesus Center, a multipurpose complex, was completed October 1993. The Jesus Center was dedicated unto the Lord on May 30, 1993. Prayer was led by the late Dr. S. M. Wright, Sr.

In January of 1994, the New Birth Christian Academy was opened. The members of the Board of Directors were: the late Deacon Ray Pyburn, Deacon Alford Tribble, Sr., Deacon Lemon Boyd and Director – Sis. Thelma Wooten. The Academy remained open through the beginning of 2003.

On May 30, 2001, the Noon Day Inspirational Service was instituted. Rev. Norward Andrew Allen preached the first Noonday. The scripture came from Hebrews 11:1; the subject was “Faith Is”. In October 2002, Rev. Allen returned to his hometown of Chicago, IL and Rev. Ivan Traylor was chosen to continue this service. In 2005, Rev. Ivan Traylor organized his own church and Rev. Bobby Williams was chosen to continue this service.

We have had many ups and downs. There have been many happy and sad days. Many times we failed God, but God has never failed us, nor withheld any good things from us. If there is any virtue or any praise, or glory, it all belongs to God.

The Missionary Out-Reach of New Birth Baptist Church includes:
The Radio Broadcast which broadcasts the Sunday Services Monday thru Friday and the International Sunday School Lesson on Saturday; (as of March 2006, this same service can be heard over the World Wide Web.)

The television Telecast on PAX TV-68 on Sunday mornings at 6:30 A. M.;
The Dallas Regional District Association; The American Baptist and General Baptist Conventions; The National Baptist Convention of America; The Foreign Mission; The Prison Ministry and each member a soul winner.

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